Some benefits of electrical appliance testing is as follows :- BT Group Australia

BT Group is able to provide you with a total Electrical Management System, which includes the testing, tagging, and logging of all your electrical appliances, Residual Current Devices and emergency/exit lights, in an asset register. As well, we offer full servicing and repair of all portable electrical equipment. Thus, should any item be found to be non-compliant, we can arrange for its on-site repair, if appropriate.

As an employer, you should be aware of the current legislation covering the requirements of electrical testing in the workplace. Below are listed the main regulations and Standards. Please feel free to contact us for further detailed information.

Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations, 1995. Division 2.5 :- Provides for the health and safety of people at work from the risks arising from electricity. The regulations aim to ensure that the potential for injury caused by working with electricity is minimised, and, the safety of all electrical installations, appliances and associated equipment used in the workplace.