by BT Team

BT Group is able to provide you with a total Electrical Management System, which includes the testing, tagging, and logging of all your electrical appliances, Residual Current Devices and emergency/exit lights, in an asset register. As well, we offer full servicing and repair of all portable electrical equipment. Thus, should any item be found to be non-compliant, we can arrange for its on-site repair, if appropriate.

BT Group As part of our service, BT Group will create an upgradable asset register for your company. The register includes barcode, location, equipment description, serial numbers and date of test, next test due, and whether the appliance passed or failed. You will receive the asset register as a hard copy printout, and on disk in a Microsoft Excel / Access format, listing all items tested.

We are proud of our work carried out in this State, and believe that our professionalism is shown in the caliber of clients. A number of other South Australian Companies can provide testimony to our high quality standards.

BT Group, being heavily involved in all aspects of electrical testing and repair, we believe in setting high standards that far exceed that required by legislation. The health and safety of people at work, from the risks arising from electricity, is of utmost concern to BT Group.

Our employees are fully trained and are conversant with all legislation governing their work. BT Group prides itself in the professionalism displayed at all times by their employees, and continues to implement training that will benefit not only each employee, but more importantly you, the customer.

An integral part of our Electrical Management System is carrying out a Workplace Risk Assessment, identifying possible electrical hazards in the workplace. Should any such risks be perceived, we will immediately notify you of that situation, and where necessary, take action to nullify the threat to your employees.

We believe BT Group is more than able to meet all your requirements and relevant legislation. Included with this pack are a number of documents, which will help you in a better understanding how BT Group can assist you in providing a safe work place, greatly reducing the risk associated with portable appliances. Download Information Booklet here.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call, as we would be more than happy to meet with your representative and discuss this matter further.